Imagine the archaeology of your own backyard.

The domestic backyard is a place of personal connection. Memories of people’s own childhood backyards give people a sense of connection to their own history and self-identity. Throughout our lives we have all left our own distinctive cultural imprint on the landscape.  The imagined layers of strata within this sculpture are composed of human cultural detritus interwoven through the physical sediments of geological events over time. They represent our material good, habits and rituals.

Backyards represents the idea that we all have an individual history and we all contribute to the archaeology of the future.

2 thoughts on “Backyards

  1. Hello Annemie, thank you for contacting me. I’m glad you like the sculptures. Yes these are still for sale. I have five of them remaining. They are currently in storage so I will have to check on their condition. They are located in Queanbeyan NSW near Canberra. Are you anywhere near this location?

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